Locate Specific Reviewed Word

Is there a way to locate a specific word that has been reviewed? I have been studying the 5000 Most Common French Words course, and there is a word that I think may have been used incorrectly. The problem is that I haven’t seen it in my review sessions for a while, so I’m not sure how to look at it and see if it is accurate or not.


There is no quick and easy way that I know of. I think the only way is to open each Level page in turn and scroll down the entries until you find it.That’s not great in a course of 5000 words! Maybe you’ll get lucky and it will be in one of the early Levels.



I think you’re right about needing to open each Level (not that I’m an expert), but I recommend using Ctrl + F or something to search the page rather than scrolling down, it’s much faster.


Usually, if the course creator has set up a topic in the relevant part of the “Language Quarters” area of the forum, the best way is to post there and include the course creator´s forum username preceded by “@” at the start of your post (this alerts the creator by email).

But, I can’t see your course in the French section of the forum, so it looks like he/she hasn’t been proactive and set up a place to report stuff. If it’s this course http://www.memrise.com/course/131111/5000-most-common-french-words-2/, the creator [ciccero] doesn’t appear to have found her way onto this forum yet.

You could ask @Lien [from Memrise] to check if ciccero is currently active on the learning site and to email her.



Thanks, Tigs! The f search function comes in handy. :slight_smile:

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Thanks, Alan! Would the best way to contact @Lien by through a private message?

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You can (if you want to add anything) but she will be alerted to this thread from being ‘tagged’ in your and my posts above. :wink:


Thank you, Alan! All this has been very helpful! It’s taking me a bit to figure out the system, but I think I’ll get it down eventually. :slight_smile:


I have created a new topic for reports about this specific course: [Course Forum] 5000 most common French words by Ciccero


Thank you, Lien! Does that mean the word has been reported now, or is there something additional that I need to do to get it reported?

It has been reported. If the creator doesn’t fix it in rhe next few days, I’ll look into it myself

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I’m having the same problem - I would like to check certain words in the HSK level 4 Chinese course, but can’t figure out how to find words other than going through level by level. A search function would be amazingly helpful.

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Do you know how to use the f search function, Miller? Depending on whether you have a Mac or a PC, you will press the “command” button and the “f” button at the same time, or the “ctrl” button and the “f” button at the same time. This will bring up a search bar, so that you can look up any word for the page that you’re on. It won’t search the whole course, unfortunately, but it will be quicker than if you check manually.

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Hi there,

Thanks for the tip - it helps not to scan through 20 words, but I would still have to check 80+ pages to find a word I’m looking for. If there’s a feature request area, that’s my request… a search function for the whole course would be valuable.



I use a google site search to find the levels. For example, I was trying to find the levels of “shop” in a Finnish course with two different responses.

In the google search box I typed:
site:memrise.com/course/99695/3000-most-common-finnish-words/ shop
Three levels show up in the results.

For any course–type “site:” followed by the address of the webpage of the course (with no spaces and without “https://www.”, then a space and then the word you are looking for. Google will search the webpage and linked webpages for you.


Oh, my goodness! That is amazing! That’s going to make my searches so much quicker from here on out. Thank you!!!

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This is brilliant @meh2 - I’m saving this to use, now and in the future!


thank you!

I’ve created a small HTML snippet with the idea from meh2 for making the search a little bit easier. It is a simple HTML page with a text field (where you can enter a word to search) as well button to start the search.

HTML snippet can be found here: HTML Snippet

If you like it, feel free to use it. Follow these steps:

  1. Store the HTML snippet in a file called ‘search.html’
  2. Edit ‘courseId’ and ‘courseName’ to the values for your course and save
  3. Open ‘search.html’ in your favorite browser (should also work with mobile browsers)