Loading Problem with Greek course from Popoffa

I know that this feedback is in vain but still want to post it.
I cannot load/learn new words from the Greek course as this error started popping up recently.

Apparently no changed were made to this course for the last days. It happens in two different Android devices: Moto G (Cyanogenmod 13) and Amazon Fire.

What’s worse is that today I, feeling frustrated, tried to “push it further” on the web (learn new words in browser so they finally appear as learned in the app) and failed too. In web version I can’t see of hear those words and only asked to give asnwers to what I don’t see. Right-side timer expires and finally both question and answer appear, but this accounts as a failure of mine.

WTH, guys? This morning I’ve got a new update for the app, 2.9_3842_memrise as of now, and only see some UI improvements (someone would call it “improvements”, quoted). Are the bugs everybody here talk about being fixed? Where can we see changelog of what’s new in the app?

Hi @Unchqua, There are a few empty fields inside the Greek Course, please contact the course creator to fill in the empty fields.

For future reference, please post in the relevant category. This bug has nothing to do with what is being discussed in this thread.

I created the thread in the Greek section rather than the Bug Section, to better target a reply on this specific course.

Bugs like this really ought to be filed under “Android” bug, it has nothing to do with Greek.

It is in the right place, it is only course related @neal.p.carey

@neal.p.carey Empty columns causes the learning session not to launch. :sweat_smile:

Ahhhh, my apologies. I misunderstood the issue. If it is indeed due to empty columns then yes, I would think you’d contact the course creator.

Только что видел, что вы уже написали во форуме этого курса об этом. Вам советую сообщить об этой проблеме на форуме Android Bugs.

This is not an bug at all, the course works fine. Unchqua has learnt all words apart from those 6 empty words. They are the remaining words in the entire course.

So, because 6 entries in Level 5 are empty that is causing the course not to load? Well, that certainly is a problem that course creator can fix by completing the entries. But also seems like aт Android bug that should be addressed by the Memrise team (IMHO). I suggested Unchqua file it under Android Bugs as well. A course should not fail to load because of an empty entry.