Listening skills no longer available

I’m using the memrise app and i’m following the same course with a friend. But my friend is able to use free Listening skills while I can’t because the option is locked with a lock. To get acces I need to pay, while my friend is also using a free account, like me and she is always able to use that option.

Can someone tell me how I can fix this?

  • Memrise app version 2.94_24564_memrise

Hi @Sonea,

This may partly answer your question.

Thanks for responding!

But, what I think is strange is that my friend and I are following exacly the same course with the same subscribtion, but she has access to all the options while I haven’t.

It’s beyond me (a keen user and supporter) but does your friend have a different version of the App?

Or did she start the course before you?