List of words

Hi there! I really enjoy the app, but also want to ask you about add the list of words i learned. Thats will be really cool because sometimes you need to use that list as a dictionary. Thank you so much

Memrise allows you to download (all) your data. This includes (if I’m not mistaken - haven’t done that in a while) all words learned. Try and go to your profile, click Edit Profile, then click the Download Personal Data button (or just click here).

Other than that you can use scripts that allow you to download data. I like this much better as it gives you a means to download words for a given course. See this thread for more information:


I agree with his request. Learned words will never be superfluous in recorded form. After all, remembering everything is very difficult. Having a personal dictionary with the words you need is very useful. Personally, it helps me when I write a descriptive essay on for students. Such a dictionary makes my work better.