Links for the old Allemand 1 and Allemand 2 courses?

Hello all!

A while back I was learning German through the French speaker courses, and now that I’m not learning German anymore I’d like to restart the course and remove the words I have learnt. Does anyone by any chance have the links for them? @MemriseSupport

Hi @LesNguyens you can find the old courses here:

Please note that while you may still be able to access these courses, they may not work as intended. We now advise our users switch to the new and improved official Memrise courses, complete with literal translations, examples and high-quality audio and videos recorded by native speakers. :slight_smile:

How to search for a course on Web:

I hope this helps!

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@MemriseSupport I believe that the courses I am talking about are older than that. I have the English version of what I’m talking about here:

I guess they were called Allemand A1 & Allemand A2.
If you could send me the link for those it would be great! :smiley:

Thank you,