Lingua Latina Pars I - Familia Romana -- by jongeling

Hello everyone. I’ve opened this topic in the hope of reaching jongeling, the creator of the course – I do not know whether s/he is active on Memrise or not:

I do think this is a great course, although I’ve found a few typos and inconsistencies: the course would benefit from having the macra corrected throughout and consistent punctuation within the answers, e.g.: (just off the top of my head) animal, animālis [not, animalis]; bonus, bona, bonum // niger -ra -rum

The reason I’ve started this thread is that I would like to ask jongeling to add me as contributor so that I can implement these changes – that is, only in case s/he likes my ideas --, I think they would make this already brilliant course even better.

My username is: PatriciusPulcher


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Error on word ‘operio’ in Chapter 13. In hopes this will get to @cjongeling to correct it.

It has: operio, -ere, -ui, -tum
Should be: operio, -ire, -ui, -tum

Enjoying this course!

I’ve found two typos in Chapter 30. Could someone fix them please?

  1. aligo, eligere, elegisse, electum” should beeligo, eligere, elegisse, electum”

  2. “paro, parere, -avisse, -atum” should be “paro, parare, paravisse, paratum”