Like to help us to understand learners? A card-sorting exercise

:boom:Hello memrisers!

We have recently been looking at our level titles for a variety of purposes.
We want to understand how clear our content is and how language learners are categorizing information when looking at language related content.

So, here is this fun card-sorting exercise you might want to complete if you wish to contribute.

It takes 10-15 minutes in total, just follow the instructions. Welcome! | Optimalsort by Optimal Workshop

This is not a survey, and we don’t collect any kind of personal information.
Many thanks for your interest,

Tuba Sucu
UX Researcher


Categorizing your courses would be very much welcomed! I’d sure like to contribute, but this “workshop” is quite a bit too much. I’d suggest you cut this down quite a bit if you want to get feedback. I gave up after a few minutes. :slight_smile:

Second that!

IA refers to the structure of information on a website, and it is depicted with site maps, diagrams and spreadsheets. Navigation refers to elements of an interface that people use to make their way through that structure — menus, breadcrumbs, links — and it is depicted in wireframes or prototypes. Therefore, improving IA starts with analyzing the website’s content and structure first — navigation comes after.