Like the new Decks design?


Wow. I’ve just had a peek at Decks. I prefer the new look to be honest. Opinions?


(Olaf Rabbachin) #3

I’m pretty neutral. I didn’t dislike the old design, and I don’t dislike the new one either, it’s alright!
Both the Decks and the Memrise website seem to load a lot faster now though, that’s quite nice!
Other than that, everything seems to work just the way it did really.

Decks to me seems to be a duplicate of the Memrise website, with only the appearance having been changed. Assuming that’s all CSS, this would explain why there is layout problems that appear when you edit a course (everything sticks to the far right side). I suppose those will get fixed soon.

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Some things are misaligned element wise, but you’ll probably find those.

My biggest frustration is having to deal with again multiple choice and “click the right word order” I hope the addons are updated. I only want to fill in the blank. That would make it perfect for me if you add “only fill in the blank”, but otherwise, it’s nice. It works.

EDIT: I’ll probably keep using the old until the tampermonkey addons are updated - multiple choice is and “click the right word order” are that frustrating to me.

(Olaf Rabbachin) #5

You can turn off the word order tests here. Not sure what it’s called in the original/English version though as I’m on German.

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(Ismail Ghedamsif3) #6

No the colour choice is depressing it doesn’t makes you feel like you want to learn.The icons have bad aesthetic.


Thanks. Overall, I’m happy with it. Here are a couple of minor initial thoughts:

As others have said, there are a number of [mis] alignment issues. In addition to the ones mentioned above, here is an example of a minor one from one of my courses:

Are you planning to add any hyperlinks that will take us from the decks site to the Memrise site (and back)? Although it’s easy enough to have two tabs open, being able to hop between sites without needing to log in each time would be good.

Although there is a ‘FAQ’ link on the homepage that takes you to the decks area of the forum, it would be nice to have a similar ‘footnote’ link to the main forum homepage like the one on the Memrise site.

What will be the criteria for deciding which courses are featured on the decks homepage/log in screen (currently 8 courses)? Will the featured courses change from time to time?

(khx333) #8

Both are fine. Maybe fun with a new color refresh but I didn’t see much new functionality. Would be nice to get rid of all the wasted non-pixel space like the listing of course parts which has a four-colum row, it should scale based on window/view size.

(Vikestart) #9

I like the Memrise design better. Some colours on the new Decks website are a bit jarring to look at, especially the beige/egg white background. And there’s a lot of misalignments and optimisation issues, but those will get sorted out I suppose.


I guess I will add, I do love the new colors. Maybe, we can have a couple options? and then maybe a way for ux developers to make others? Being able to personalize things I think is always a good thing. That said, I should’ve mentioned above, I do love the new colors. I hope we can have both the old and new, along with the option to create our own for devs.

(Tampora) #11

Apart from the mis-alignment of some things on Decks (which I’m assuming will probably be fixed soon as it is only in it’s beginning phase of development).
I’m liking the new colours, yeah they might seem dull to some people, but to me they seem quite refreshing and nice having it different from the memrise site.
Loving that the decks website is working way faster than the memrise site at the moment, and the use of difficult words is really coming in handy.

(Sean) #12

I like it overall. Very similar to Memrise which is good for me. I jumped the gun an posted a mix of bugs and things I’d like to see in the announcement thread:

But I think they have mostly been posted by other users under the bug reports and feedback forums.

What I’d like most is a bigger input textbox. It seems like it is smaller with Decks. Probably an artifact of the “mobile friendly” design before they gave in to creating a Decks app.

Overall I’m happy feel like this is a good compromise between Memrise’s vision focusing on and further developing their official courses vs those of us who primarily use community courses.


I like the new color scheme a lot, easier in the eyes than the original memrise one. I guess they could just optimize how the stuff is aligned/located and it’s perfect looks wise.


The new colors are fantastic. I hope the decks app will look the same.

(Ismail Ghedamsif3) #15

I disagree

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(Andrew Ranger49) #16

they changed the colours. The design is still as bad as 2012, just material-themed and new-agey

(Roberta Spiga00) #17

I hate the new colours, while I like the old ones.
I’m glad we’re getting the app (hopefully not with the same colour scheme) because I cant even look at that site, the contrast between white and blue is too much for my eyes.

(Dylan Nicholson 548) #18

Yep, it’s actually quite decent. Why they couldn’t have gone with that for the main site beats me.

(DW7) #19

I find it better than the new MemRise makeover but I still struggle on Decks going to the left for the next level instead of on the right.


(DW7) #20

I’ve posted other comment here (and following) > Decks website is live!

Including a comment about no Pause button and how to get round it :wink: > Decks website is live!

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(DW7) #21

I’m really pleased that the Decks has preserved the Level badge and not converted it to plain text as on the new version of MemRise site.