Life time premium membership and progress lost after phone reset!


As the subject says I have lost my learning progress and don’t have Life Time Premium membership access after I had to reset my phone.

And yes, I am using the same email ID on which I had the Life Time membership activated.

Admins will you please refer me to the right persons in the memrise team who can help me restore my life time premium membership?

I will be grateful.

Email for support.
Are you sure you hadn’t used sign in with Google or Facebook or apple?
While it may be the same email address they are not the same thing as logging in with the email itself and would have made a new account as had happened here

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Thanks for pointing it out. I used sign in with Google account Option both times (before and after the reset).

But it still seems to be having some problem.

Thanks for sharing the email address. I will drop an email.

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