Letters cut off in Review (and other places)

This applies to the Devenagari (Hindi, Sanskrit and some other languages) script.

In review the top of the letters is cut off, sometimes making an important dot or stroke invisible or less visible.

(I don’t have a pic now - because the time is so fast; image to be posted later)
Cut after giving the wrong answer; in this picture top of the curve is cut off:

Example below: a dot should have been approximately where the red dot is drawn:

Top of letter cut off when selected in multiple choice. See image below. In the red circle an stroke and a dot should be visible, but as they are cut off, they are hard to recognize. They are though visible in the option below number 4 (blue circle; because the timer requires to make the screenshot really fast, the bottom of this word is not fully copied, but it looked fine)

Exception: The top the letters not or less cutt off when UNselected.

I think this has been reported for the Memrise site as well; but on the Decks I noticed a difference: when UN-selected, the letters are wholly visible.


The cut-off letters in the devengari scrip (used by Hindi, Sanskrit and Nepalese, are not cut-off anymore.

See screenshot

The top of the characters is now correctly displayed and well visible. :smile::grin::smiley:

BTW: it is absolutely coincidence that this screenshot is displaying exactly the same entry as in the original post…

I’d really like to know: was it intentionally fixed, or the design improved to avoid this kind of things, or did it just go away as a positive side effect of a layout update or so?

Anway, thanks!

Strangerly, the problem doesn’t seem to be always solved.

Here top of Devenagari script still cut off…

Is this a difference between Memrise and Decks perhaps? Perhaps I assumed that the code would be the same for this part and didn’t check carefully whether it was Memrise or Decks…

So bottom line, it is sometimes sovled, but not always.

It is still happening to me. All the time. It is very irritating.

Great feedback, Kelly.

I discovered that it happens to me too. Is you screenshot on Memrise or on Decks? I have the feeling that it’s fixed on Memrise, but not on Decks.

This is a screenshot from Memrise, after answering incorrectly during Review:

The letters look good.