Lesson error on android app

(Haidampk78) #1

i don’t know what happened

(Haidampk78) #2

and another

(Gabriele Cramer Knebel2d) #3

It would help if you could add the creator of the course. On one side I may know why you are facing this problem on the other side I can’t be sure if I am looking at the right creator because there are several Tae Kim course.

(only one user) #4

Hello :slight_smile:
Maybe this problem is because Nukemarine has updated the title of his courses?
See the post of Nukemarine in the forum of his courses:

(Gabriele Cramer Knebel2d) #5

That’s exactly what I was thinking but then I didn’t know if it was the course by Nukemarine. :grin:

(Charles Applin35) #6

Given it says SGJL, it was my course. No idea how that error popped up 15 days ago or how it’s related to the changes I made recently. Has anyone else reported similar, as I haven’t kept up with the forums here.

(only one user) #7

When I saw that the course was from Nukemarine, and read the post that Nukemarine had changed the title, I thought that might be the case. And the user just needed to do some kind of update.

But as Nukemarine clarified that the title was changed a few days ago, and haidampk78 noticed the problem 15 days ago, it is more likely to be a coincidence.

I searched for previous posts, and encountered the same problem with the user sxh967, in another course, 6 days ago: