Hi there. I am currently working on top 10000 russian words part 1. But there is slight problem. I wanna learn words by learning mode more easily . Main problem is that it makes you write word you wanna learn so much and writing word again and again is just sucks.It is not just about this course most of the other memrise courses are doing this. I am not trying to be toxic here do not misunderstand me. Most of my friends left memrise because of this feature and i do not wanna be one of them . I am pre intermediate level and writing same word couple of times is not okay for me especially when it comes to easy words you already know. I would suggest to add a mode to learning tab of memrise where we can set number of repetitions of learning new word(especially with writing) it is okay to listen to same word again but not to write it. I am really interested in with your opinions.Thank you