Learning words: fewer repetitions for official Memrise courses?

I’ve noticed that learning algorithm for the first session, when you are learning new words, in the official courses has been changed - from six repetition rounds to three.

Are you guys OK with it? Is it enough for you to remember a new word? Seems like insufficient to me.


I’m pretty torn. For Spanish, which is rather easy for me, I like it to not have to go through 6 reps. For Russian it’s the other way around - I’d rather go through 10 or so reps before a word is flagged as learned.

One thing I certainly do not like is the fact that, very often, you don’t even have to spell out a word or phrase. However, IMHO that’s the single most important test.

FWIW, I don’t see this as a bug. It also has been like that for several months and only concerns the official Memrise courses.


Could you split discussion to another thread, if it’s worth it?

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Done (duh, why do I have to enter at least 10 characters!?).


@lurkmoophy, @JBorrego, @MemriseSupport: can you share some insight as to why you opted to move away from 6 repetitions when learning a new word/phrase?

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(apologies if this is the wrong place to be putting this, I’d be happy to edit/delete anything that doesn’t belong here.)

Perhaps some sort of toggle to make it so that you can move freely between, say 3 and 9 reps or something, (no idea what good numbers of reps for different settings would be) similar to how you can change how many new words to learn in a session, that way it could be changed depending on what course someone intends to get into next could be helpful ?

(attatched is a picture of the currently implemented setting in reference)

Best of luck learning / Bonne chance apprentissage :smile:



I am learning Polish and for me there are to few repetitions of new words and there should be much more typing. In the very beginning of the language it is nice to have less typing , so that you can get used to the language, but later on typing is one of the best tools for learning the vocabulary.