Learning with locals in decks

Does anyone know if we’ll be able to post “Learning with Locals” in our courses in the new Decks App and will that be free to our community subscribers?

I doubt, especially as I suspect learning with locals involve a business investment to have it active. Meanwhile, with Decks apps there are many who would like to provide this for free but we need a channel or some system to activate this interest from both sides.

They are striping Decks of features, like Listening skills. So, don’t expect new features in Decks.They want to keep it simple and in an way that it doesn’t compete with their main product, MemRise.

Also the less features the app has the less future maintenance required. Decks probably will be neglected after awhile, just like Tinycards from Duolingo (with rare updates and no improvements). I am studying digital design and I am learning that maintaining an app is quite extensive especially with the converging and constant evolving technologies.