Learning through sentences!?!

Hey all.

I’ve recently changed my learning of Japanese to using sentences, mainly going through the iknow sentences at the moment and a few subtitled shows I’m watching.
I’m finding this a lot easier to learn now as I get the context of the words, instead of endlessly drilling random vocab (although the vocab at the beginning of my learning experience has definitely helped).
Anyways, I was hoping to start up learning a few other languages but mainly through sentences (sentences generally with one/two new bits of vocab each sentence).

I was just wondering apart from the iknow Japanese/Chinese, is there any other places with lots of simple sentences for other languages??? Or any Decks courses with lots of simple sentences for any language (finding it hard to find any through course search).

Mainly looking for Korean, Spanish or Norwegian at the moment. :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s a few that I am, have been or will be working on:



Note that the latter one contains a whole bunch of tremendously bad audio recordings. It sounds as if the speaker has never heard French. But apart from that the course is pretty good!

Apart from the ones mentioned above there’s probably a few more on my list, mainly If FR, IT and NL. Take a look at my course list if that sounds interesting enough.


Thanks, I’ll check all of those out. :slight_smile: