Learning stats bug?

I just noticed that the → learning statistics seem to be erroneous. Here’s mine as of today:

The graph gives me a streak total of 362 with a best of 204 and a current streak of 18 days. While those numbers make absolutely no sense in themselves, the most notable thing is that I never missed out a single day in >3.5 years. But the stats tell me I missed my streak on 11/20/2020, 11/26/2020 and 4/7/2021. Also, the graph shows no learning events for tomorrow (04/30). :slight_smile:

Also, the currently longest streak is this one with 1127 days:

This number used to show up in the stats, but not anymore (don’t know when this stopped, I rarely look at the stats).
As for a potential reason: in finished courses, I usually tend (after a while) to no longer complete a streak but rather only review the words up for review.

The question thus is: what serves as the basis for numbers in the stats?

While we’re at it: Memrise seems to send me a reminder on my (Android) phone only for the very last course I work on on any given day. Here, this is a course I finished eons ago but I do a longer session every Monday and usually on Tuesdays as well. When that happens (and I get a 1 day streak), Memrise will send me a streak-reminder. This reminder usually pops up after I worked through my list of courses (~20 presently). Can’t be right, huh? :slight_smile:

@MemriseSupport, @ale_c: nothing too serious, but maybe you want to have a look at this too.

It’s an old bug. Looks like web and app are operating in different time zones, thus this discrepancy. If you had late night session 18 days ago it could be an explanation.

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Thing is, when I’m learning, I’m far from the beginning/end of the day resp. my time zone, thus that can’t really be the issue. I also haven’t noticed this issue before and, even though I don’t look at the stats all too often, I did no longer than 2 months ago and the problem didn’t exist back then.

First time noticed this problem about three years ago, I’m pretty sure this issue isn’t new. As I see it there’s a mal-synchronization between Memrise servers and time zone set in your app. That’s why you can lose a streak if you are doing late night or early morning learning.


Thanks both for your messages. We have a ticket in our backlog for this (WEBSITE-2057), so I’ve now added this thread to it as well. Unfortunately I don’t have any timeframe for a fix right now.

Regarding this:

@Olaf.Rabbachin I believe this has to do with the way the Streak reminders are set up due to limitations in the tool we’re using. I’ll check with the relevant team but I’ll DM you first for more info.



Also, the currently longest streak is this one with 1127 days:

Just adding a link to my previous post.

How long is a "Learning Streak"? 365 days?