Learning Spanish by watching movies


I read somewhere that you could imrpove your Spanish listenting skills by just watching Spanish movies without any subtitles. Could this be true?

I mean if you don’t understand a lot, and they speak so fast, how are you then supposed to understand something on the long term?

Yup it is a good way to learn spanish , i apply it when i was learning french , by the way , do you have any titles of spanish series and movies ??

Khoya I only know pickpocketers and S3 of la casa del papel (19 july)

But basically you’ll eventually understand them? after some time of course?

Hi, this YouTube video includes an interesting discussion on using TV series for language learning, starting at about 7 minutes.

Thank you!

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Elite is on Netflix and is really good

Do you guys think it would be optimal to watch a movie you know really well in spanish with english subtitles? Pause when you don’t understand and memorize the line. Do this until you don’t need subtitles anymore. Then do another movie. Keep doing movies like this until you feel comfortable without the subtitles. Then move to movies you don’t know with the same principles. I feel like this would be the best way because you kind of know the movie, so you have a general idea of what they’re saying and also the nostalgia of it would keep you motivated. Maybe it’s just me?