Learning polish but it doesn't tell me how to to pronunce other countries it just shows me how to spell them

The polish course doesn’t show me how to pronunce country names it only shows the spelling. As this happens i have no way of learning how to say for example ‘England’ or ‘spain’ in the polish language. Please help

Could you let us know which course(s) you are doing? I found your profile on memrise, but presumably you are doing a community course, because your profile shows you have learnt some words, but aren’t doing any courses (???).

I think I’ve mistakenly commented in the wrong section. It is when using the Memrise app learning Polish but it doesn’t pronounce countries so I can’t learn how to say them in polish. It only shows me how to spell countries.

Polish 1 part 6 ‘where in the universe’. There is no pronouncing of countries for me to learn from.

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I’ve moved the thread to the forum for the official memrise courses.

I will also see if there is anyone working on these courses at the moment who can do something about the missing audio files. That is a real oversight as the official memrise course are supposed to be all about this multi-level experience with audio and pictures and words. I am sorry you have got stuck at this point.


Is there anyone on the memrise team currently who is responsible for the official memrise Polish courses? Having no audio for a whole level seems pretty poor :frowning:

Thank you Amanda for your help. Hopefully the problem can be resolved.

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