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Dear members, I would like to learn my Latin words on Memrise, only I have to learn them from Latin to my own language ( Dutch). So not from Dutch to Latin. Is there a possibility to learn the words only one way? How do I turn that on in Memrise? I would like to hear from you!



Hi there @lars_1583, it’s simple.

Duplicate a level and reverse the testing.

It only works perfectly once fully planted, but as you are the Creator you can “auto-grow”.

While you learn normally, you are tested both ways.

I delete the word “Copy of” and add Reversed at the end at the level title.

Ask if you want to see an example.

If you don’t want both ways, then experiment with the above.


Hi @DW7 Thanks for helping me! I would like to see an example, because I have no idea how I can do that. Greetings, Lars!

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I’ll try to create a screen print tomorrow, but have a preview look at:

Level 7 - Blank Map ~ Around the UK (Should not need *) - Map of Ship… - Memrise

Level 12 - Reversed Blank Map ~ Around the UK (Should not nee - Map of… - Memrise

On the WEB version.

Notice how the picture and words swap.

And this pair:

Level 1 - Minerals & Hardness - Mohs' Scale of Mineral Hardness - Memrise

Level 7 - Hardness of Minerals Reversed - Mohs' Scale of Mineral Hard… - Memrise

Read the full description.

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Screen prints with steps

Memrise level info

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Hi, thanks for answering! Unfortunately, that doesn’t work. It’s kinda weird, but when I’m learning, I still got questions in both languages. I will share a link with you, to my course, so maybe you wanna take a look at that. Thanks for helping me out!

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Sadly I think it’s a bug that @MemriseSupport know about.

See ► New difference between Web & App for Watering/ Reviewing? - #10 by DW7