Learning Japanese where did furigana go?

(Wycksteridian) #1

I used to get furigana when learning a new word or phrase in Japanese on Android. Now, with the latest update, there’s this new screen, which does not show me how to pronounce the word with furigana. Can you please bring back the furigana?

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(Thomas Heiss) #2

See the reply from staff that they temporarily removed the pronunciation but according to user feedback and needs are going to add it back.

Has “show after test” also been removed on the recent Android apps?

If yes you can manually do a downgrade to a previous app version by manually installing an APK file from an archive site.

The www.memrise.com web portal still offers this option!

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(Fuzzybsc33) #3

I am very eager to see the furigana come back. The app is substantially harder and more error prone to lean Japanese with in the absence of that pronunciation guidance.
Another suggestion: Can we please select the kanji text for cut and paste? Currently it is not even possible to copy the text to Google translate to see its pronunciation guidance. I like to be able to search for different translations and explanations when I am confused about a meaning.