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I do not know how to put a fada on a capital letter, so I can never get through even Eire into my memory! I have tried shift, I have tried caps lock on.

Hi there, thanks for notifying! I’ll change the course, so that you can either use a small letter with a fada or a capital letter.

Go raibh maith agat!

There are a couple of mistakes in the vocabulary: “duirt me” should have fadas over the u and the e.
It should be “mo phaidreacha” not “ma”

Are you sure you are in the right forum? As far as I know, “duirt me” and “ma phaidreacha”, are not included in the vocabulary of this course at this point of time, nor have they been included in the past.

I’ve encountered a mistake in the Irish course - “you attained” translation
should be “shroich tu” but is given as “shroich me” (with fadas,of course).