"Learning English trough reading"! crashes at 67 lvl

(Lapaleks) #1

Course “Learning English through reading” (https://www.memrise.com/course/92417/learning-english-through-reading-book11-2/) consists 69 levels. I’ve passed 67, and when trying to learn new words - I see a window with bugreport, every time.
My username is Lapaleks. I’m russian.
I experiencing this issue in web browzer (Firefox) and in Android app both.
Date of first occurence is about october 2017.

(Thomas Heiss) #2


the reason is because the level 67 is not FINISHED: https://www.memrise.com/course/92417/learning-english-through-reading-book11-2/67/

The 2nd (Russian) column definition (the source translation) is missing for the 15 sentences:

Or maybe you could successfully learn the first 10 sentences which are just fine in their two definition columns?
If not you can workaround the given error by ignoring these sentences for now.

Levels 68 + 69 do not countain ANY mapped Russian translations.

(Lapaleks) #3

Hello, Thomas. Thank you for your answer!
I cannot finish the level 67 because of this error - when I press the button “Learn new words” I see the alert from screenshot that the lesson cannot be downloaded… I passed previous 66 levels and there was no errors like that.
And what do you mean saying that there is no any mapped Russian translations on levels 68+69? Does it mean that this course is not finalized by it’s author, Pakulya? If so, maybe it is the reason why I can’t learn the new words - there is no Russian translations for expressions from levels 68, 69 and partly 67? And if so, can Memrise check the new courses before publishing to protect users from the same situations? It is hard for me, being a kind of perfectionist, to have a course that I cannot pass by…))

(Thomas Heiss) #4

Hello Lapaleks,

No they can’t.

You are learning with a user-created course (not "by Memrise) and not one maintained by BenWhately (one of the founders).

It is the job of the course owner / author to finish it.
Or ask - if there is an official thread linked on the community discussions - if any contributor can (if there are some).

Or if you can be maybe added if you are a native Russian speaker and you would know how to translate the English target and you have an English native friend who could double check.

Yes, it is not 100% finished.
Level 67 partly, level 68+69 completely (25+18 phrases).

If you click the above links on the www.memrise.com web portal and open the relevant levels from the course in the browser, you can see it for yourself.

Can’t remember how much information you will be able to see on the mobile apps.

Go directly into the level, do not press the green main “Learn new words” button from the course dashboard.

Exactly this.
The 2nd Russian (source) definition column is completely missing.
Only the 1st English (target) definition column is given.

This is the reason why the Memrise system and code is running amok.

(Lapaleks) #5

Thanks a lot, Thomas!