Learning and reviewing courses with audio tests not working


Lately I’ve been having issues on the browser version of the website when reviewing and learning new words on courses that test you in audio. It loads the learning/review session and instantly returns the results screen with 0 words learned/0 points gained. See screenshots below. I’ve tried enabling and disabling all the options available at the Learning Settings page, but there isn’t much to choose from and I see no way to even disable/enable Audio tests in the website version. I should note that on my iPad I’m perfectly fine to review/learn these courses, but for some reason they don’t work in browser.

  • Your device and browser details

Win-10 PC, Up to date Chrome and Brave browsers, without any extensions.

  • Description of steps to reproduce the issue

Clicking review on courses such as Japanese Sentences Audio (No Typing) - by Jay1232 - Memrise

Or clicking “Learn new words” on courses such as: Daily conversations, native audio - by miracles201981 - Memrise

This happens on all courses that use a specific audio review/learning method.

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