Learned words (fully planted) appear as unlearned

Today I had to learn words again that I already learned yesterday. The words were fully planted (two learning sessions) yesterday. This happened in 2 of 5 or 6 courses where learned new words (5 in each). So it doesn’t seem to be a general problem.
Did anyone else come across the same problem?

@MemriseMatty, @MemriseSupport: any insights on this one? That’s probably the most irritating bug I’ve come across in a long time!

I haven’t come across this problem - at least, not yet.
But I was wondering whether you know about the “auto learning” function. It marks all the words in a level as learnt, so you don’t actually have to learn the words again.

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It didn’t happen today - I’ll check again tomorrow.

Yes, I do and I use it, too! But usually I’ll learn in the morning on a tablet and I haven’t found a way to run scripts in a mobile browser. :roll_eyes:

I don’t think you need to, I have the option on my phone:

I know what you mean, but what I meant wasn’t the ability learn words without even seeing them but rather to have the option to, when learning new words, “fully plant” those that I already know without having to ignore them. So to allow me to get tested on them and not having to go through the “planting/watering process” I use the the Auto Learn user script (see this thread). But this only works in a desktop browser for me.

RE the original problem: it hasn’t happened again over the weekend so it might have just been some temporary flaw …

Oh, sorry for the misunderstanding, I’d never heard of that script, I shall check it out soon - it sounds great.

Hey Olaf, I will close this thread as it seems that it may have been a temporary mishap. Please feel free to reopen it if it occurs again and we can explore it further.


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