Learn Words Botton Deactivated

Hi, I’m studying French with Bonjour! El francés a su alcance, but there is a deactivation problem with several bottons in level 8, as it shows in the image.
I cannot continue with the other levels cause I get stuck with Classic learning botton and Quick learning botton.
I already did several times the blue bottons like if this is a excersise accumulation problem but it seems it just don’t work.
When I hit the Comprensión oral botton, it sent an error of loading.


Hi viksheriff33, I can see this course doesn’t have any audio clips so the Listening Skills button should not be available. I’ve now removed the column that the creator added so this shouldn’t cause confusion again.
Other than that, it looks like you’ve completed the course :tada: so the Learn New Words button will be greyed out :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you!
What happened to the other levels? That is the end of the course? I know there are more than 50 books and this is just the third one. The thing is I have the complete collection, the issue is they don’t have excersises, so I found your page with exactly the same method (Vaughan) and I go alongside with them. That’s the reason a paid for. If there is a problem please contact the author.