Learn with Locals phone app interface problems

  I have the app (v2.94_13330) for android (v5.1 on an LG Tribute 5) and in the Japanese courses several of the learning with the locals actions do not work.  In any of the videos that would have me tap the on the individual words or kanji supplied to answer the challenge I cannot see enough of them to complete it at all.  For choosing the words, the areas used for the video and the answer cover almost the entire screen and I can find no way to make the selection area larger and so I always have to skip it.  For the kanji, there will be a few kanji and the delete button, but never are the full selection of kanji displayed and I cannot scroll the selection to see the rest and so again I can never complete that video and must skip it.
 I have a keyboard on my phone that can switch between kana/kanji input and standard roman characters, so could you make an interface to allow us to type in the answers via the phone, in either Romanji or Kana/Kanji?  DuoLingo has the ability to use both types of keyboard inputs into answer boxes in the online PC site, though it only allows for standard US keyboard entries on the Android App (I wish they would support both inputs on the phone app).
If not the ability to use other methods of input, at least make it so I can see and access the word or kanji blocks on my phone app so I can use this training feature.  Otherwise I might as well just stop using the app if half of the functions was pointless from my perspective.