Learn With Locals Not Always Loading

(Bushaw) #1

Sometimes when I try the Learn With Locals review option (with Italian 1 through Italian 7):

it works okay and I get a few phrases to review. But more often than not, I get this “error” (?) message:


Does this mean there are no Learn With Local phrases available for review? If so, should it even be an option for selection (seems like it would make sense for it to be dimmed/disabled on the “More” pop-up). Is there a way to “break loose” the Learn With Local phrases so that more of them can be reviewed (e.g., when I want to review them rather than when Memrise makes them available)?

Below is the console (Inspect Element) info when the “Could not load…” error is displayed (Safari 11.0.3 on Mac running MacOS High Sierra 10.13.3):

(Baite) #2

@Joshua: Is this a new issue?

(Bushaw) #3

@John_Baite For me (don’t know about @Joshua), no. I’ve seen it behave this way for some time now. Just (finally) decided to ask about it.

(Briansspamacct) #4

I get the same thing with the German courses

(Baite) #5

@memrisesupport: Please, could you look into this?

(Briansspamacct) #6

@memrisesupport here’s an example where it’s failing (think): https://www.memrise.com/ajax/session/?course_id=1180560&course_slug=german-3&session_slug=meet_the_natives&_=1521828532495

that url (via ajax get request) is returning a 400 error.

(Fflorian) #7

Any news? Could you at least tell us that you saw this topic please? and if you manage or not to reproduce the bug? and possibly when it might be fixed?

This bug is very bothering. I’d like to do the reviews and then practice my oral understanding with the Learn with Locals exercises. But because of this bug I can’t

Note: for me it is in the Russian for French courses

(Bushaw) #8

@Joshua How about this one? I posted this a couple months ago and haven’t seen any response from the Memrise support folks. It is still behaving this way. Thanks.

(Fromalfheim) #9

I definitely won’t renew my subscription after expiration. Terrible support ever!

(Naso) #10

I have the same problem

(Fflorian) #11

Memrise lack of communication is really irritating. They should really hire some community manager to help them with this. Someone who’d say “We are aware of the problem and working on it” or “We are aware of the problem, but our resources are limited and we have more urgent priorities currently”. I’m sure it would be profitable

(Hisao Yatsuhashi58) #12

Memrise, please fix this bug! This is occurring with European Portuguese as well!

(Timbo) #13

this happens in portugese courses as well

(Bokjoona) #14

This is happening for Korean 1 as well. It’s only been an issue on web; have not encountered it on mobile yet.

(Spencer Vliet47) #15

Same issue here with French lessons. This feature is the reason I signed up with Memrise in the first place and it is really frustrating.

(Catparty) #16

This issue has been occuring for months now. I can’t figure out why the Learn with Locals function is not available for all vocabulary at all times. If this is a bug, please fix it. If it is some kind of intended function, please realize that it is not appreciated by anyone. After all, this is one of the coolest things about Memrise, so why hide it? #fix bug #feature suggestion

(Jpokorny) #17

Have the same issue with Spanish course. It is indeed very frustrating. Learn with Locals is one of the main distinguishing feature for me when compared to other learning sites.

But the Memrise support is seemingly ignoring this issue - ah well, time to start looking elsewhere I guess.

(Sma938933) #18

I have this issue too. What can i do? I can’t continue learning new word in my course. Is there any way to fix it or way to communicate with support centrr?

(Oldi1000) #19

wrong category, but…

The mistake has been in all Japanese parts for over 9 months. I have often reported this, but Memrise is blind and lazy. They already got the money for Pro, why should they work for free afterwards. Strangely, the locals work in the WWW version of Memrise. Only the app version (Android) is broken for almost a year. The Memrise support is not worth mentioning, you can expect nothing meaningful from those. I also do not expect a fix for this problem. Clearing a cache and reinstalling will not fix the problem, as I’ve done many times. Downgrading to an old version did not help. Sorry, but Team Memrise Suxx