Learn with Locals greyed out in French pro version

My Learn with Locals button on my phone has never been clickable. I am currently on level one unit 13 of French and have a pro account. I would like to start using it. Do I have to get to in order for it to activate?

Hi @airliagus :slight_smile:

I looked at your learning list (https://www.memrise.com/user/airliagus/courses/learning/) and I can not see any French courses. This can happen when you are studying an official Memrise course of the old version. A user can not see the old versions in another user’s learning list.

Please, can you post the link of the course you are studying?

Recently, Memrise has released new versions of some courses (particularly courses 1 & 2 of various languages, and, in the case of the Japanese course, 0 & 1 & 2). You can read about it in the topic: New Year, New Courses!

In the Memrise Support FAQ & Help, you can see which courses are available in Learn with Locals (Video mode):

If your course is on the list (and you have already confirmed that you are a PRO user), you can contact MemriseSupport or MemriseMatty to ask why you do not have this feature. Add the “@” symbol in front of the name, as I did with your username, and do not forget to inform the course link you are learning.

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