Learn with Locals grayed out on Portuguese 1 (Portugal)

Hello, everyone!

I was wondering if you guys could help me with something.

I just bought the pro edition for Memrise because I wanted to use Learn With Locals, as well as other pro features. I was trying out the Learn with Locals feature with the Portuguese 1 (Portugal) course and it was working perfectly. But after a while, the option got grayed out. Now I can’t click it.

Does anyone know why that is? Did I go through all the videos already? Will I be able to access them again? Is there a video for each word and sentence in the lesson or are there only a few videos per lesson for specific words and phrases?


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I haven’t worked on the EN-PT course but, FWIW, the videos with locals don’t necessarily appear on all levels. Usually, you’ll see them for longer sentences/expressions.