Learn with Locals doesn't work in Spanish (Mexico)

I have a memrise subscription, and I love the Learn with Locals in German. But it’s greyed out in all the Spanish courses and appears to be unavailable for me in Spanish. Is there a Learn with Locals for Spanish? Am I missing something?

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Hi @scottmooreseattle,

The Spanish (Mexico) course does not yet have “Learn with Locals (Video Mode)”. But it’s always good to check the FAQ & Help (Memrise Support) for updates.

You can consult the courses that have this feature in the link:


Thanks, I see. I saw other people talking about Learn with Locals in Spanish, so I was confused. But the link you gave shows that it’s only available for Spanish (Spain), not Spanish (Mexico).

Maybe I’ll do some Spanish from Spain for the videos.


Hi @scottmooreseattle :slight_smile:

angileptol (Spanish Language Specialist at Memrise) posted an update:


Learning with locals, those videos are great. In fact, that’s the one thing that’s bringing me back here from Duolingo, with a one month streak now. Can’t wait until Spanish has more. The German has been very very helpful for me.


Hi @scottmooreseattle,

Thanks for your question. Mexican Spanish 1 and 4 have lots of videos available, but this feature is not available in courses 2,3, 5, 6 and 7. Spanish (Spain) 1-7 courses all have lots of great videos. Enjoy and we will let you know when we add more videos to the Mexican Spanish courses.

Regards and happy learning!