Learn to speak European Portuguese with a native tutor

Hi. I’m Carlos. I’m from Portugal, borned in Lisbon, living in Cascais. I would be happy to help anyone interested in European Portuguese. I teach students online from any level A1-C2.

You will be learning accent techniques and more based on your preferences, culture, interests etc…
As sessions progress you will have access to more content to continue practicing your gaps.
Sessions are always fun.Must have discord/mic and paypal.
$7 /hour discount only in July and August
If you have interest please reach me out.
Send me your discord ID.

My id: DivaythFyr#5377

Here’s my schedule(Portugal GMT): From 9am to 1pm and from 4pm to 9pm every day of the week including weekends.

Good day. Happy studies.

Standart Content:
Conversation/Specific topics/Anything/Simulating any context…
Books to study/Exercises/Read/Literature/Tales
Defenitive article
Hours, Numbers and Time
Week days and Months
Seasons and Weather
Pronominal placement
Dictation and reading
Music and Movies