"Learn new words" simply doesn't work at all for (most) new decks (those created with bulk add?)

“Learn new words” works on old decks (over a couple months old), without any issue. But any new deck - created in the last couple of weeks - it loads for some time and then says “Sorry. Could not load the session.” This is the case for almost every new deck, with the odd exception for whatever reason. The only thing I can think about those decks is they might be decks that were made without the use of “bulk add”.

It’s been doing this for days, possibly a week now. Hand in hand with this issue is the fact that auto-learn also doesn’t work. It is occurring over multiple devices (laptop, phone, tablet), multiple operating systems, and multiple accounts - so I know that it’s not specific to my device, OS or account.

I initially thought it was a problem occurring because my level size was too big. I fixed this, and it seemed to work for a little bit - but that must have been a coincidence, because even small decks/levels are having this issue. This is the case on both Memrise.com and Decks.

I’m finding myself capitalising on the rare moments where “Learn new words” seems to work, and then spending the remainder of the downtime revising those words. This isn’t feasible long term, and I’m growing weary of the constant issues with what should be Memrise’s most basic feature.

Please, give me some kind of update. If i’m simply missing something, I would love to know. Apart from the bizarre bugs, I love the system Memrise has going.

I am encountering the same issues on the decks website. I haven’t tried the other platforms.
The issues come and go regularly and are really damaging to the experience and make the website not useful.
This isn’t just one user having problems.

Hey! I’m having exactly the same problem! :frowning: I hope it will be fixed soon!