'Learn New Words' not working

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Just bought lifetime programme, but when I go to the ‘learn new words’ section, which is not greyed out or anything, it just keeps giving me the same error message ‘whoops! could not load this session. sorry’. Really want to keep going. Also for some reason, when I paid for the programme, I got a new account on the same email address instead of being able to continue on with my own one. Anything I can do about that?

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Are you referring to the Android app? There’s a bug which will flag completed courses as incomplete, usually with just a few words remaining to be learned. If that’s the case, you will get the error that you mentioned.

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No, accessing through laptop, but thanks for the reply:slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi :slight_smile:
I’m a user like you, but I’m learning Japanese. I noticed that the initial modules of the official courses of most languages ​​were changed about a month ago (for British English speakers). French, German, Japanese and Italian are some of them.

The official courses usually have 7 modules, and modules 1-2 have been changed (in the case of Japanese, module 0 added as well). But the web version of the new courses had some problems. After you complete the course, the course shows as incomplete, missing a few words. But the correct one is to show it is complete, so it’s a bug.

Because of the bug, the “learn” button remains active, and if you press it, it may show: “Whoops! Could not load this session”. The program showed me this error message before, but now, if you push the button, nothing happens. Another problem with the new courses is that the levels are not in sequence.

I already informed the Japanese specialist about this problem and she told me that she has already advised Memrise’s technicians. If you want to look at the topic to check if it is the same problem as yours, click here.

Another user (interactomic) reported the same problem in the new German 1 (see here).

What I reported above is only for the new courses on the web version. There is a different bug that is affecting the app, showing incomplete course in the app and complete on the web version, but it is another kind of problem, and it is reported in the topic of Olaf.Rabbachin (see here)

PS: I’m sorry, I don’t speak English very well.

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Hi there Milamy,
thanks very much for your reply and yes, thats exactly what my problem is! I checked out the list of words I had learned on the course and you’re right, there are no more words left to learn even though the ‘learn new words’ button is still active. I’ve just skipped it and moved onto the next levels. And if English isn’t your first language, then I have to say, when my Italian becomes as good as your English I’ll consider myself fluent! :slight_smile:
thanks again

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That’s quite interesting. I have a bunch of courses that show the behaviour that you two mentioned, but this only applies to the (Android) app - the courses correctly show up as “finished” in the web application.
Have you filed a bug report?
You can do so here.