"Learn New Words" not working on decks I have created

For the last few days, both the Memrise.com and Decks website have been extremely hit or miss with the “Learn New Words” feature on any deck that I have created. This issue exists across multiple devices. It opens the deck, loads for a bit, and then provides the error shown in the picture. About 10% of the time it randomly works, and then promptly returns to not loading. Additionally, this error comes about half the time for reviewing sessions, especially for decks that I’ve created in the last week.

Anyone else?

Same here, happening with the decks I have created too.

Hey! I’ve got exactly the same problem! Has anyone found some kind of workaround? Will it be fixed?

I haven’t found a workaround yet. There’s been stretches of time where it works fairly well (never perfectly), so I learn as many new cards as possible in this time to get them to the review stage - but it hasn’t been resolved yet.

It’s been about a week now… Would love Memrise to comment on what’s going on.

I have the same problem on the website and mobile app. It is very annoying because I created a lot of tests and I can’t use them.
Is there any other way besides this community to report this error to Memrise?
Thank you for your help!

This should take you to the contact form. Send them through a message saying you’re one of many experiencing this - maybe they will get it and action it.

Assumedly they’re aware - I would guess that it’s a result of some kind of update… But, you know, maybe they also just aren’t aware. Haha

Could you check your new courses? Since couple of hours they seem to be working fine again! At least my courses are working :grinning: Maybe it was fixed finally.

@Cirilla88 They seem to be working for me too… Though each day has a timeframe where they work okay, so only longevity will prove it to be fixed :grin:

@Joseppi Firstly, I’ve noticed them working 8 hours ago, then I’ve checked 2 hours ago and just now. Earlier they were never working for me. I hope it really is permanent :smile:

I hope it really is permanent

I’m learning as many words as possible in the event that it’s not… Haha!

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This still seems to be an issue as I’m currently seeing it with a new course I just created. It does only seem to be for new courses (I’ve tried creating a few to test) as older one’s I’ve created work fine and load almost instantly.

@MemriseSupport - are you aware of this issue?

You’re right, the issue has resurfaced. There seems to be a few hours each day where it’s slow to load - but ultimately works (almost) every time. Right now is not one of those hours, nor for the last 6 hours it seems.

I emailed the Memrise support team, and they seemed to respond as though it wasn’t a system wide issue, and that it was something specifically impacting me, alone. Evidently that’s not the case!

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