Learn new words is locked in German language

hi there
i started memrise a few days ago to learn German language , but after passed 30 words in level 1
learn new word is locked and notify me to " subscribe to unlock the full course and pay…$"
I just can review level 1 ,
i addition i could learn just 30 words in level 1
what can i do for solving this problem and develop my knowledges?

As it says in the message - you’ll need to buy a subscription in order to continue.
See here:

thank you for your reply.
i read before that Memrise is completely free!
apparently is not free !

It just depends: Memrise’s own/official courses may or may not be free or only free to some extent. The community courses are generally not “trimmed” I think (I’ve only ever used the premium version so I don’t really know!).
Other than that, there’s some features that are limited to premium, such as i. e. the “difficult words”, so these will always be greyed out unless you’re a subscriber.