"Learn Grammar" & "Difficult Words" Buttons Greyed Out

Not sure that this is a bug … When I press the … (3 dots) there is a screen with two categories “Learn” and “Review”.

Two of the buttons as in the title here are greyed out. Paid version not functioning properly? Or am I missing something …

There is no bug here. Difficult words is only available when you have difficult words. Perhaps you are learning very quickly and answering correctly! Well done! If you read our FAQs: https://memrise.helpshift.com/a/memrise-learn-a-new-language/?p=web&s=getting-started&f=which-features-does-memrise-offer-1570792034&l=en

you will see when the modes will be available for you and on what courses.

I will close this thread later as I said it is not a bug.



Before you close it, why is “Grammar” greyed out? It is usually available and there seems no good reason or explanation for why it would not be.

@lpeepldude You could see for yourselves what JBorrego says, by answering one single question again and again incorrectly. It should become difficult after (I think) 6 wrong answers or less, depending on that entries learning progress. Then you are sure that it works correctly.

The Grammar section might be grayed out in cases where the courses doesn’t have grammar. Only some of the official Memrise courses have grammar. And I thought they were either redesigning it or phasing it out, but that’s besides.

As I said, the course does have Grammar.

Well, then I misunderstood that point. Which course is it actually or do you have the problem with mulitple courses? Then I can check how it looks with me. If the problem is the same, it’s a course or App problem. If it’s different it might be a difference somehow between our situations… BTW: I vaguely remember that you need to have completed/learned a certain amount before Grammar becomes available.

Memrise? Still no answer? The course is the paid Russian 1 for English speakers and does offer Learn Grammar and I have used it before.

But the Learn Grammar button is still greyed out.

Fwiw, the Learn Grammar button on the French for English speakers is functioning.

Please take a look at the following thread: does this explain the problem you have been experiencing?

No. I am talking about the Learn Grammar button in the app.

Hi JLee,

I have checked with your account and I believe that you have already learnt all the Grammar items, that is why your Learn Grammar button is greyed out… there is no more grammar for you to learn for now!

I hope that helps,


So we can “Learn Grammar” for each lesson only once?! Does that make any sense? And how is this a “Solution”. Sounds like yet another Memrise glitch to me.

In the FAQ & Help (Grammar), this is explained at the end of the text.

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Great. Instead of just saying Learn Grammar doesn’t work, say that it is available and then concoct a new fake name for it - Grammar Review - and say that is a new feature coming “soon!”.

And look, splashing exclamation marks all over the place fools only the foolish. For anyone else, these marks are red flags.

The secret of success is revealed by you :grin: