Learn French via French (1100+ pages of Comprehensible Input)

Hello Everyone!

When trying to learn French, we are always looking for books to help us learn! I’ve found an amazing collection that will help you develop your English from pre-beginner to advanced. The French book is part of a collection of books that uses the Nature Method. The Nature method is an approach to learning a language as naturally and as stress free as possible. This collection has created other books to help you learn other languages such as Latin, Spanish, Russian, Italian…etc

Here is a quick summary of the book:

To summarize the book, it consists of 1124 pages of comprehensible input in French, including exercises following the completion of each chapter (50 in total). We recommend that these exercises be completed orally. The book gradually gets harder and harder as your brain adapts to the language. The likelihood of this book being the book in which you conceive as supplying an immense amount of comprehensive input in French, even when cross examined with popular courses such as Assimil, is very high.

The only shortcoming of ”French by the Nature Method” was the lack of audio recordings. We are well aware of the immense importance that listening plays in the acquisition of a language. Subsequently, the need for these audio recordings to be available in a clear, and well-paced manner (keeping in mind the eccentricity and the difficulties faced in the pronunciation of some French letters) was of utmost priority.

The audio recordings of for Le Français Par La Méthode Nature can be found in the link below!

Happy studying!

FREE PDF: https://www.patreon.com/posts/le-francais-par-42969399

YOUTUBE PLAYLIST: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLf8XN5kNFkhdIS7NMcdUdxibD1UyzNFTP