Learn French for Polyglot Course Errors

I am trying to learn French vocabulary with the “Learn French for Polyglot” course, and so far, it has worked out alright for me. However, a big issue that I have had with the course is the errors sprinkled throughout, which have been rather frustrating for me. Some of these can range from a smaller issues like simple typo, to larger ones like the incorrect use of an object pronoun or improper English translations (i.e. “to can” instead of “to be able to”).

I am not a native French speaker, but I know that there are people on this website who are. If it is possible to edit it, would any francophones be willing to go through the course and point out any mistakes? I am aware that it is an extremely long course, but it could be done over time and could potentially benefit thousands of people in the long-run.

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