Learn Basic Italian

Ciao a tutti,
Thank you for the great resource! I work with my italian fore more than 1 year now.
Please forward this message to the authors of the “Learn Basic Italian” - Stefano Durden.

Grazie, Stefano!

At the same time, I would like to ask for correction, please.
In one of the lessons there is a phrase:
“She is waiting for him”
Translation should be as “Lo sta aspettando”
And this is what actually said by the voice part of the lesson.
However, in the correct answer recognition the system does not accept this answer.
It wants me to type “io sto aspettando”, whcih makes me confused all the time.
Even in the Chose Correct Answer mode, the system does not have “Lo sta aspettando”
Instead the correct answer to be accepted is “io sto aspettando”.
thank you again,
Grazie mille!