Leader Boards Still not Functioning Properly

As the end of the April is approaching and the start of the new month of May is just a couple of days away, I feel that I have to write to you to remind you of the problems which have been occurring with the score on the leader boards not been returned to zero at the end of the week and at the end of the month. For some members, the leader boards continue on with the score from the previous week ( i.e the previous month). Yet for me, my score board has been put back to zero, almost all the time. I find this very frustrating and I am disappointed. It happened last week to me once again and I don’t want it to happen at the start of the new month. I don’t have an App, I access Memrise from my laptop. I am a serious learner so you can perhaps understand my frustration. I became a Pro member a few years ago and was highly satisfied with Memrise until the leader board problem. From what I have read in the forums, I am not the only one facing these problems. I am urging you to sort the problem out.

I sent the above directly to Memrise on 28.04.18 but they replied telling me to put my complaint in the forum which I am now doing on 30.04.18

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You know that tomorrow your month score will drop to zero, but your week score wont?

Yes, thanks I was aware of that.

I’ve been wondering if this month/week score system is really that relevant – it should change from a specific time to a range, a week is last seven days, a month 30 days.

The monthly scores for September were put back to zero for me - as they should have been - but for what appears to be all the other members they were carried over from August 2018 to the new month of September. Why is this problem still occurring? Please fix this problem, Memrise. It happens on a regular basis, mostly with the weekly score boards - but this time with the monthly one.

Since February this year there has been an issue with either weekly or monthly score boards.

I am becoming a very frustrated Memrise user. The last time I wrote to the Memrise, they eventually replied telling me to put my complaint in the forum. I did (see above) but to no avail.
Can’t anything be done about this?


Here we go again!! Today, Monday, 3rd September I found that the weekly score for MOST of the other users had been carried over from the previous week.

Mine had been put back to zero. I cannot be the only one who is experiencing this, would be grateful for your replies if this is happening to you - or perhaps Memrise is able to tell us what is going on?

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Hi @Sternchen,

No, you’re not alone. I posted something similar in the related topic immediately below this one. The last time we heard from @Joshua on this was over a year ago.

Same thing is happening to me, it is different with different courses I’m finding.
Some courses it seems like only I have been re-set to zero, and then other courses I have kept my points from the previous month… :frowning:

Hi @alanh

Thanks for your reply. I was beginning to think it was a conspiracy ;:wink: It certainly is frustrating and demotivating to boot.

Hi @tampora

Thanks for replying.

I lost count of the number of courses where my weekly score was put back to zero - but only for me ; I think it was around eleven courses. Then, shock - horror, my monthly score on 1st September was put back to zero but once again, only for me!!
As mentioned, it has been happening on and off since around February this year, at least for me.

Memrise suggested that it was the App I was using - but I don’t use an App!!

I remain a very frustrated Memrise user :persevere:

Seems like this is the same issue that happened previously.

We are aware of the issue and have someone assigned to the task.

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Hi @ Joshua

Thanks for replying and for the useful information you gave.

It is good news that someone has been assigned the task of fixing the problem. It has been a bad year for me regarding the score board situation.

Let’s hope that is sorted.

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Hi @Joshua

The scoreboard problem has not been resolved. Once again I find that the scoreboard has been re set but only for me!
What is going on?

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