Layout issue

Please tell me for the love of God there is a way to have more than two columns of levels, compare to the main site

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Well as I had added more levels to my course it reshuffled those levels and everything went back to normal (5 columns now, as it should be). At the beginning though the alignment looked horrific

Ok, so once again as I add more levels the layout gets messed up, but only on Decks, I still can access my course from Memrise, and the formatting is proper there, take a look

Hi @Longing4thepast :slight_smile:

Since Decks was introduced, it shows 4 levels in a row, while Memrise has 5.

Several people have asked Decks to be like Memrise, with 5 levels in a row (or more, depending on screen size). For example, see:

John_Baite’s topic: [Feature Request] Decks: show 5 or more levels in a row on main course page

and deltay’s topic: Please bring back 5-COLUMNS for Course details for Decks

We haven’t had a reply from Memrise yet.
Decks are in beta, and this can still be changed.


Well, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Thanks for the answer!

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