Launching: Tapping and Typing tests

We’ve released an update to Learn With Locals on Alpha. It’s rebuilt so that it’s much easier to maintain and evolve as we improve the Learn experience. We’ve revamped the tapping and typing test types with an improved visual design that is now mobile-responsive.

For those who don’t know, the tapping test type is when a user selects multiple words or letters on the page to write out an answer. It appears in modes like Learn with Locals and Review. Review mode won’t change yet but will be updated in the first quarter of 2021.

Tapping test
tapping test design

Typing test
typing test design

Whilst the version being released today is still developing, here it is for you to have a sneak peak.

There are a few things in it that still need to be improved and will be addressed straight after Christmas:

  • Autovalidate answer does not occur when a correct answer is entered in a typing or tapping test
  • Typing input needs refining for some script languages
  • Multiple choice UI on mobile devices needs tweaking
  • Unlocking sample pro modes for non-Pro users

As always please share your feedback.


Please make this feature ( learn with locals ) available for Arabic language and there are a lot of wrong pronunciation in Arabic language

So from what I’ve seen so far in review sessions, it seems this is going the same way as the mobile versions of Memrise, where you get to type words but not sentences, and sentences are only available for review as multiple choice or tapping tests? Could you confirm please?

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Hi @Sarigne - the proportions of tapping and typing tests is something being looked into. The web rebuild has aligned the web with the mobile app as an initial version. It may be that a different balance of tests is best and it’s something that will be kept under review and may change. Thanks for your feedback.


Hi @Adam_Spooner68 - Understood, thanks for the response. As far as feedback goes, I’d personally be very disappointed if required to do the tapping tests on the web version, it’s one of the things I love about the web version at the moment, that I can turn them off and actually type the sentences; it makes me actually learn the sentences properly, rather than just creating a sentence from a bunch of choices, which is obviously easier by several orders of magnitude. My students (I’m a language tutor) find the same thing. Just something to put in the feedback collection. Thanks!

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The current pronunciation used in audio is standard Arabic, which isn’t commonly used. Do you have examples to share of the pronunciation issues?


I think the balance should be 100% typing tests. I don’t use the mobile app because I’m trying to learn a language not play a game. Please at least make it an option.


Agreed - I came here to say the same thing! I would love an option to type out the full sentences as choosing from a selection of words is not really testing my recall.