Launching Presentation Cards and Preview (Alpha)

Ha! Yep, James is 100% right. It’s to show a streak of correct answers. It’s one of my bugbears that this isn’t communicated well enough though!!!


So we’ve fixed one of the keyboard shortcuts (r to reply audio) and made sure that the background constantly fills the screen (a bug that we noticed). More bug fixes coming soon! Making good progress on Speed Review too, which will be out next week hopefully :crossed_fingers:


Just to let you know a fix has just been posted for this!


We just posted a fix reverting the fonts back to normal instead of italics. Looks much better!


Hi @lurkmoophy :slight_smile:

I check that there is no longer the icon to mark as “ignore” or “difficult word”. I also couldn’t find how to mute the audio.

Japanese 7 (Chrome, Windows 10):


Hi, I like the new interface overall, and especially and its focus on the native speakers, but the visual hierarchy is lacking.

The course title font is absurdly large and distracting, and to a lesser extent I think the progress bar could be a bit smaller and the target language word displayed a bit bigger.

In addition, at smaller screen sizes the X on the upper right corner goes right up to the edge of the screen - a bit of padding would be nice.

A rough idea of my suggestions:


Cheers for the feedback, John! Making small changes as we go along :slight_smile:


Heya! The ignore, mark as difficult and mute audio are all coming in future releases! Don’t worry, we wouldn’t release to everyone without these in there!


You are obviously keeping us on our toes and testing our powers of observance :wink:

But seriously, thank you for giving us the opportunity to look and report back before it goes globally.


Hi Luke , Will you still have pause, save and exit?

Clicking the X takes me to the home (list of all courses page) - is there a way to get to the course home page (as currently)?

I do like the revised look but agree that the yellow progress bar is rather thick.

No problem. Thanks for developing out in the open!

Is that how the X currently behaves? I thought it always went to the home page… I’ll have a look into this.


Hi Luke, I’ve double checked. You are right … but

On the Web, currently hitting the X does ask me ‘Do I want to leave the page?’ and then takes me to my home screen (a list of all the courses I am studying and my score etc)


The point I was making was that at present, if I only want to quit the session and return to the course main page, I can “pause” and “save”, which takes me to the course page (with title, description and shows all the levels). The X does not.

So as above

Will you still have pause, save and exit?

Cool, I was just checking because I couldn’t replicate it :slight_smile:

So, we will be implementing ‘pause’ on the timer itself, but not on the whole session. At the moment, that’s basically what the pause button does, but the UI makes it look like it’s pausing the entire session (it’s literally just an overlay on the page).

On save, at the moment it ‘saves’ progress in the background when you do each test. At the moment, we’ve developed a batch save, so it saves progress at the end of each session, but this will only be for alpha, and we’re working on building back in the functionality to save after each test (for those interested in technical stuff, the reasons are purely to save on the amount of times we’re sending to the server to make it more performative. We’re wanting to make the new sessions as performative as possible!)

On exit, we’ll definitely have exit in there, but at the moment I think it makes sense to remove the extra prompt (the ‘are you sure’ bit). The thinking behind this is that it’s not easy to accidentally hit exit, so it doesn’t need that extra step. However, not wedded to this idea. Just that I’ve been finding the two step leave one of the banes of my existence since we’ve been having to use Zoom more and more :joy:(just found the option to turn this off in Zoom!)


Quick update! Keyboard shortcuts should now work in Windows.

Obviously you’ve seen a bit of silence on the Speed Review, which I said would hopefully be done a few weeks ago. Turns out it was bigger than expected, but we’re currently aiming to get it all finished and released at the end of next week!


Just noticed a problem with level selection.
When I start preview (alpha) in courses which contain multimedia levels it shows the presentation cards for a different level. Not the selected level x but level (x + prior number of multimedia levels).

Resulting in this error for later levels.


@lurkmoophy or anyone?

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Sorry, missed this! Will raise :slight_smile:


I definitely think that it would be worth keeping the pause/save >> go to course home, vs the X >> go to home screen. I know that it is annoying to have to click yes on are you sure, but the amount of times I’ve accidentally clicked the X is actually ridiculous and I really think you should keep that verification, since it resets everything at the end if you were to restart (and it looks like for now you’re not even saving after every test only every session, so if you must remove the verification don’t remove it until after you have saving after every test as accidentally clicking it would undo ALL of your progress).

With regards to

I appreciate what you are saying here, but I believe there are better ways to say this without being dismissive of that ‘small vocal group’. That ‘small vocal group’ is so vocal because they specifically and quite literally are focusing on how they can continue to keep making the core of Memrise more awesome… they truly believe that that would be a concept that would make Memrise more awesome. While we cannot convince you that you are all mistaken on the Memrise team, it would be nice for the Memrise team to be more understanding of the reasons for why we believe this would make Memrise more awesome, or at least for the team to not be so depreciating. I’m glad in any case that the flower/planting/watering is remaining as a concept for learning on Memrise.

I would like to raise concern with the team about accessibility in terms of the colour scheme on the website. Right now the app colours, and the preview colours, are quite… neon. Would it be possible to mute these colors a bit (perhaps taking them into a slightly more pastel direction?) I’ve been experiencing lots of eyestrain with how great the contrast is between the whiteness of the screen (like here in the forums) and the neon colours. I’m concerned that this might develop into headaches or nausea with longtime use. I realise that the white has not gotten brighter, but the old colour for the banners and buttons and everything were more matte and it helped with the starkness of the contrast. I would really appreciate it if those working on the website could work some way of reducing this strain from the new colours. While I do not love the colours, they really are fine all things considered. I only ask that they be muted some as the way they sit right now on the Alpha website gives me worry that I and others will not be able to access the new website.

(PS. If you were interested in seeing what not to do during your website redesign, please check out the crafting website of Ravelry which recently when through a website redesign and used colours similar to Memrise’s new colourscheme. I am only bringing them up as they are a very good guide of what not to do when you redesign, and I’m not saying that the Memrise team is like them. Ravelry did not work on accessibility from the beginning of their redesign period and then ran very poor beta tests which were targeted to less than 100 people – and supposedly they did not listen to beta information. When they released the new website in June, they did not provide a toggle back option. They were warned by the community within minutes that the new site was inaccessible and triggering migraines and seizures. Yes, you read that right, people have had multiple seizures because of this website. The Ravelry team then proceeded to do some kind of gaslighting thing, where they shamed the users unable to access the website for ‘making things up’ in order to complain about the new website, among other things. Their website has been now flagged by the national epilepsy foundation in the US as the web design is dangerous to anyone who might be at risk for seizures. As of yet, Ravelry has not listened nor done any actual fixes regarding the accessibility issues. Long story short, please don’t be a Ravelry…)

Edit: I would like to add, I didn’t mean to come across as so negative here. I think that webdesign doesn’t necessarily have to mean a bad thing and I look forward to seeing all of the cool new changes and features that come to Memrise over the next few months. All I was hoping of conveying was that while new things are awesome, I’m keen to keep the awesome old things too so that at the end of the day it looks like a new web Memrise, and not a new website altogether.

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Your new design would honestly look much better if you preserved the structure of the original session header block and progress bar.

The new header block is very bland and not sexy. The course name font is too large. The immediate impression is that it looks like a design downgrade. The new progress bar is a little too large and intrusive.

I like the design below though