Launching: Learn Alpha

Happy Friday, everyone! As Memrise users ourselves, we’re very excited about today’s release on the Web Team: we’ve deployed Learn mode to Alpha!

This launch brings our new designs and rebuilt test types to Learn. We’ve also made some slight logic tweaks to unify how Memrise works across Web and Mobile. Let us know what you think!

Up next, we’ve got goal setting, and Difficult Words. Stay tuned for updates :eyes:

And, of course, if you notice any bugs or issues with the product, let us know, and we’ll jump right onto fixing them for you.


A couple of observations from my first experience:

  • The first four new items were sequenced in the way I have come to expect from the previous version but, then, the fifth item appeared in its’ different modes repeatedly at the end.

  • I was only shown multiple choice and listening tests. There were no typing tests at all. I hope that is not going to be the case with all ‘learn’ sessions as being asked to type the word in that first session helps to reinforce the learning.


I’ll happily tell you what I think, but could you elaborate? :smiley:

What exactly does this mean in practice?

It seems that now the Learning mode will only play the male voice automatically.

I preferred how it was before when it would randomly play either the male or femaile voice. It added some variation. I know you can trigger them manually, but still. :slight_smile:

Good spot! I’ve fixed this for you and should be out in the next day or two.


We’ve switched to sharing logic between the website and the mobile apps.

This means that there will be changes in what kinds of tests you get (e.g. amount of typing tests, amount of audio), how many tests you get shown and in what order.


Having an issue where it ends the lesson randomly. Like I’ll not even be 1/4 of the way through the lesson bar, will click next and it’ll just finish the lesson instead of carrying it on. Sometimes it’ll load the next word in and then just end the lesson before I can answer. My internet is working completely fine, and I don’t see what else could be causing the issue. This is with the Russian 2 course if that helps. Tried it a few times and it’s the same issue each time I try and do a lesson

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I’m able to exclude a word only from future review sessions and I really miss being able to just ignore it forever. I can see that this is intended behaviour as it does exactly what it says on hover but the main benefit of ignoring the word for me is actually to skip it during learning sessions as it repeats several times.

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I think this is a great point. We’re looking into how we might go about changing the behaviour (although there are a couple of reasons it is quite tricky right now)

In the meantime, Preview mode or the course page is a great way to ignore all the words for a course up-front. For example, I use this to ignore the words I already know on French courses.


Sorry to hear you are having troubles.

I’m trying to track down the issue but can’t seem to reproduce it on my machine, even with Russian 2. Would you be able to provide some of the following so we can work out what is going on?


I think we might have found the issue causing this and have deployed a fix. Let us know if you’re still getting troubles and we’ll have another look into it for you.