Launching: End of Session Screens

Hey folks! Hope you’re having a lovely scorching (at least in the UK) day! We’ve just released our next change, which is the first pass at the new End of Session screen (ie. the screen that comes up after you’ve finished a lesson). This is one of the ones that we had a proper rethink on how it’s all laid out. You can get to it by either completing one of the new Learn with Locals sessions, or after the existing final screen on Speed Review. Let’s go through it piece by piece!

First up you have your progress card on the top left. At the moment it only shows your progress to your daily goal, as well as the amount of items you did in that session, but soon it’s going to show you your level progress and review list progress, depending on what session you just did, as well as more progress bars that we think might help you along your way (as a starter for ten, we’ve been talking about course progress and maybe even custom goals in the future).

Next up we have the word list. Again, at the moment it shows you what you learnt and how far you’ve grown that item, but we’re going to be putting in ignore and difficult markers soon as well, as well as a few other bits and bobs.

Next up we have the continue button and the mode selector, which has been moved to a tray at the bottom. Hopefully, this makes sense, as there’s not much of a change here, just a tidy up to make it a bit more consistent across all of our apps.

Finally, what’s missing? Up next will be the leaderboard module (which we know is important), and some better ways of celebrating when you rank up or complete a level. Beyond that, the way we’ve made this page is that we can put more cards in based on what Memrisers actually need. It’s all nice and modular!

There’ll also be some visual tweaks, especially around the bottom tray, so hopefully, it’ll all start looking even more swish with the upcoming releases!

If there’s anything we’ve missed and not highlighted, or you find any bugs then let us know!


Blimey, that looks pretty awesome already! :love_you_gesture:t4:

Here’s two things I think would make good additions:

  • How about adding the words that were flagged (or unflagged!) as “difficult” during the session?
  • For the reviewed items: add the number of times the word was answered correctly vs. the number of times it appeared

I suppose your screenshot is just a (vertically) minimized version and the “cards” grow (particularly the “You just reviewed” list?

The new End screen is pretty neat. For starters, I am glad that we finally have an End screen at the end of the new Learn with locals session (which was missing and it was annoying). I like the overall design of this new screen. The colors are nice. The reviewed words are more visible, which I personally like. The ability to pick other sessions more easily is also nice.

I have noted a couple of design issues, though.

When the goal is complete, the text “Complete” is truncated. I should add that I cannot fathom what kind of icon is on the left of the text. My brain hesitates between an ice cream and a slice of pizza?

The translations are very small. I understand that they are less important than the words in the target language, but they may be a little bit too small.

One of the scroll buttons is partially hidden by the rounded corners. I do not think this is really an issue because I never use it, and I think you should get you own scroll bar anyway, not this ugly default scroll bar from the web browser.

The biggest issue IMO is the button for the next session. I cannot click on roughly 40% of the button. At first I thought the clickable area was limited to the text but it’s not even the case because some of the text is not clickable either (in this case, I cannot click on the topmost tip of the l, t and h letters).

Keep up the good work!


You can get to it by either completing one of the new Learn with Locals sessions, or after the existing final screen on Speed Review.

So nothing for a normal learning session or a review session?


It didn’t work for a learn with locals on Italian 2 for me.

DW7 - we haven’t implemented the other session types in the new code yet. Learn and classic review are the most complex ones of those, with the most test types, so we will add them last.

Have you got the Memrise labs toggle turned on? Launching: Speed Review and Memrise Labs Toggle

If you have, can you describe what happened, share a screenshot, with Learn With Locals on Italian 2?


Thanks Luke - Apologies if I am wrong, but I was using the MemRise Android App - is this change only on the Web Preview Alpha ?

PS I’ll have a go at the web now.

How do I get “Learn with locals” on the Web?

I have completed all the Italian courses so perhaps it will only work with speed review.

It didn’t work with “Practice your listening skills” on the web.

I tried the speed review and got everything right but the session seemed to go on forever so I finally quit.

One observation about Speed Review - it’s very off-putting hearing the last correct answer (in Italian) while I am trying to read the next word and find the phrase that matches it! (Have you tried it?) Perhaps you ought to suppress the reading out of the correct answer for speed review.

Speed review on the Android App works fine - the next question is not presented until the audio clip is finished.

Hi Luke,

As Olaf says above, I also would find it useful to include the number of times answered correctly vs the number of times reviewed in the “you just reviewed” area.

One issue for me is that there is currently an overlap in the audio for long phrases. After the first (and subsequent) item, the audio for a correct answer is repeated and the end of it overlaps with the start of the audio for the next item.


Fixed! The text should change position when it gets near the edges now

I agree with you here. I’ve bumped the size up a bit and tweaked the spacing a little too. Let me know if this looks good :+1:

Good spot! I’ve fixed this issue too.

  1. A lot of space is wasted at the top, so for widescreen users (most users?) anything below the ‘your progress’ container will not be visible.

  2. Need to ease the border radius on the containers. It’s a little too much.

  3. Padding is a little excessive

Maybe can make it look more like this:

Won’t comment on the art, because ‘deh landscaping’ ain’t coming back

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Hi, I am not sure this is the right place, but I got this bug:
Hitting the exit button ( X symbol) at the top right during a speedy review discards all of the progress (daily goal not reached, words are repeated in the beginning of the next speedy review session, and no “end of session screen” is shown). If, instead of exiting like that, I lose all of the hearts in the session, it works fine.