Launching: Classic Review alpha

This is not so much a bug as an oversight, unforeseen consequence or observation.
@MemriseSupport please feel free to move it to wherever you think is appropriate.

On the Web Alpha revision I think I have noticed a change in the way courses with multiple images behave.

When learning, initially I am able to scroll through multiple images (as always).
[This is better than the Android App where it is not possible.]

However when revising (watering) I am shown only one image that I have hopefully seen before.
ie I can not scroll to a more familiar image.

When I get it wrong (in ALPHA), I am only shown one random image, and not the image I was shown and got wrong, making it harder to learn.

Examples of courses are nature courses or art (paintings).

Have others noticed this too?

Eg UK Trees - Fruit/Flower Identification

Although it is a more thorough testing method (which is good) I have now noticed a problem as the top image is no longer shown.

This is a problem with a course where one image is not a photo but the Latin description.

Common & Native Plants of Britain - by marysiakay - Memrise


I have decided I prefer this Alpha testing mode on the web, but I will have to solve the problem by moving the Latin images to a new column (which as a Contributor I am not able to create).

My solution was to move a familiar image to the top (first position) so it always appeared and avoided the Latin name (as an image) appearing.

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I may be wrong in my thinking, but I have just reviewed a course that has multiple images (the Mary Siakay one) and although I got it right, I was told I got it wrong and it showed another image of the correct answer.

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Can the ‘Correct answer’ button be moved elsewhere. Far too often I’ve clicked it, and then it’s also marked the next question as ‘I don’t know’ before that question is even loaded

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A better solution would probably be to disable the ‘Don’t know’-buton for a couple of seconds when reviewing the next item. It wouldn’t make sense to press that button that fast anyway.

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Still having an issue where it doesn’t wrap the word properly. It shouldn’t be cutting words at weird points, it makes it so much more difficult to read and understand.

That’s not the new alpha version. Try the new alpha version and see if the issue persists.

Please stay on topic.

Hey how to bring back old good style? I opted out Beta but still I am forced to use the new style.

Go to you “Settings” > “Learning” and then turn off “Memrise Labs experiments”.


Thanks, I just opted out an another option :smiley: Looks good now :slight_smile:


Thanks for raising the issue of the button marking the next item incorrect. @MemriseSupport, for awareness. Please could you share what course and item it occurred on.


I’ll echo some similar sentiments that I think the new version of “Classic Review” is too easy and doesn’t have enough typing. Multiple choice questions are great early on, but I find that I can answer them way before I actually know the words/sentences I’m learning because you can use context clues/process of elimination. The old classic review was often hard, but I think that was what made it so useful. In the current format, I feel like I am getting “points” towards learning a word/phrase, when in reality I haven’t actually made any progress because the multiple choice was too easy.

I would be in favor of a more delineated system that allowed you to perhaps build out your own review formats. So, imagine you could do an Audio Review, Multiple Choice Review, Typing Review, etc all individually, but you could also select a review mode that combined them together.


How do I get rid of this? I just want to type in the answers.


Go to settings, then Learning, and at the bottom opt out of memrise labs. This allowed me to access the old classic review.

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When I use this on some of the spanish courses I use (like “AQA GCSE Spanish Vocabulary”) I get an error for exercises like “tan … como” where I am meant to select the words that are pre defined. If I select “tan” then “…” then “como” it highlights orange for close but there is no way to pass it

The new version seems a step backwards…change for change-sake?

  1. I use the website version and it has significanlty reduced the amount of typing which is a disapointment to me.
  2. if you click the ‘ignore’ button when first presented with the word, it still includes it.
  3. my settings opt-out of the tapping tests, yet it still gives them to me.

Hey there. An update on the test types in Review mode is in development. The test mix is being updated to:

  • reduce the number of audio tests
  • increase the number of text typing tests

We’ll update here when the changes are able to be used. Thanks!


I suppose you have seen those tons of comments from users who are afraid that you might be taking typing tests away from them. And, while many postings here over the last weeks asking you to keep them, it would be just as wrong to do only typing tests.
With that in mind, couldn’t you just introduce a set of options so everybody can choose the system they like? It just doesn’t makes any sense to force people to learn in a whatever way you feel is the right one.

That said, it would be smart to let learners set their options per course. For instance, I already know a bunch of Romance languages so learning is usually easier for me, so I’ll do speed reviews most of the time.
Others though are a completely different story: I have such a hard time to learn Russian, so I’d rather like to type out everything.

You should definitely turn your eyes onto the things that really matter. Things like the design are really more like side issues, IMHO …

Note that this isn’t just about the web, but also about the apps. Typing in the app is next to non-existent which is a real tragedy!


@Adam_Memrise, Please move this comment if appropriate (but I could not find a Web Alpha LEARNING thread) .

Regarding the Web Alpha learning:

  1. It does not indicate how many points we are given for every correct answer, only the running total.
    I really miss this.

  2. When searching for the correct audio from three options, before one could hover the mouse to hear and click to select, now one has to click each in turn and hit “check” to select.

Nothing wrong with that, just different and I had to get used to it.

  1. There is no timer (perhaps a good thing).

I have come across the same problem with my bird course. Would you please look into issues with courses that have multiple pictures? @Adam_Memrise Apart from that I really enjoy the changes that are currently being made to the website and I would like to keep using the new version.

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