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@PietroF can you share what device and browser the multiple choice question issue appeared on? Thanks


Hi @Adam_Spooner68 ,

I have a similar issue to PietroF.

When doing the new format Classic Review on my laptop (Firefox, Windows 10), I have to scroll down when presented with the 6-option multiple choice question in order to see the bottom two choices. Without scrolling, it’s possible to think that you are being presented with a four-option question. To prevent this, I have had to change my screen zoom setting from 90% to 80%, but that reduces the size of the characters elsewhere to a size that makes them difficult to read. I would prefer to not have to keep adjusting things as I go from course to course.

I have a few other observations/questions on the new format and will post these later when I’ve completed today’s session.



There is no reason to water down typing test. If you want your users to mix things up then why no just make the Audio Review feature free for everyone to use rather than forcing everyone else to give up typing? Because all you are doing is moving the Audio Review over to regular review.

Hate is a strong word, but Memrise has a record of not answering web users on this forum.

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I agree. This is a problem.

It’s fine this way in the Listening Practice mode, but for Classic Review, the translation should always be there.

Just because I can recognise the sounds in a word and manage to spell it out correctly does not automatically mean that I have any recollection of what the word actually means…


As others have mentioned, it seems that Tapping tests show up despite having that option disabled in the account settings.

And as for those tapping tests; you have to actually press a number key first for the numbers to appear and let you use numbers to input words… That’s a lot of wasted time!

Also, there’s way too many listening tests. We need more typing tests!

Alternatively, could you give us a separate pure Typing Review mode with typing tests only?
In this new hypothetical Typing Review mode, you would also have to spell out entire sentences. That would be really nice.


Would be overjoyed if alpha doesn’t become normal. The beta way of doing the classic review actually tests your memory, multiple choice and forced audio choices aren’t the way. Please don’t get rid of this format, if so it’s not useful to me and other users I know.


Hi Adam,

I’m sure you all want to make a great site, but sometimes there seem to be blind spots. For example, it has been pointed out several times that the maximum repeat time is problematic because it effectively caps the number of words you can have learn. I don’t understand why you wouldn’t allow users the option to simply extend this. When I asked about this in another thread I got no reply.

Can we please get a response regarding the lack of translations for these audio tests and also the overuse of audio tests in Classic Review?

I seriously have to use Google Translate to look up the translation/word now since Memrise doesn’t provide it with those tests. I may not know what the word means even though I can spell it out by hearing it. This is so bad that I’m considering cancelling my subscription and walking away if this doesn’t change.

I just want a mode with Typing Tests only (although a few multiple choice tests are okay)…

Go to settings, then Learning, and at the bottom opt out of memrise labs. This allowed me to access the old classic review.

I know, but this new mode will eventually replace the old version.

I’m with you that I would no longer use Memrise if that is the case. No disrespect to them and the work they do, but the new review is unusable for me. I don’t see why they wouldn’t be able to offer various options. I hope they’re willing to listen to feedback.

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Hi - thanks Morger. Can you explain what the maximum repeat time is? I want to be sure I understand the point you are making.


Hi @IRATVS_MAXIMVS - the details of the character showing after a test for script languages, including Pinyin, is a known issue. Users do find it helpful. It’s in a list of features to be considered once all modes are in Beta.


The text mix in classic review is something that is being experimented with. Some users find typing tests harder and offputting. It’s often advanced users who want to be able to use typing tests more frequently. We’re seeing what works with users and gathering data and feedback. It’s something that may change in the future, so thanks for bearing with it whilst we iterate and improve it for users overall.

Audio tests are in Beta and are still fairly new. It’s expected there will be some updates to modes once all modes are in Beta.


I mean the maximum spacing between repetitions which is 180 days. This means as you learn more things, the time spent every day repeating old words steadily increases. As far as I know the only solution is to manually ignore learned words, which is a pain. It would be simpler if the repetition time could keep doubling or words could automatically phase out after some point. Thanks for any help!

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Thanks for completely ignoring my earlier response and proving my point, about not answering web users.

All your doing is moving audio review over to classic review. So why not just make Audio review free, and not mess up things for advanced users? This is troubling for people like me too who have paid for Memrise (for years) in order to have extra features, such as Audio Review. So why in the world would I continue to pay a subscription if you are making my classic review into audio review, and I’m pretty much going to have two redundant review features?


Where are you getting your feedback? It is certainly not here. Is it on the Apple store and or play store? Those are phone users if so. So where again, are you getting your web user feed back?

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Hi Geil! Memrise looks for user feedback in quite a few places - user research involving user interviews and observational studies, user testing new features, surveys, web and app analytics, forums and app store ratings and reviews. Many of our users use Memrise on both either Android or iOS and web. I hope that provides you context.


you are not getting feedback here. No one here has ever said we want less typing. And the user reviews and rating are for the phones. I use Memrise for my phone as well and I actually prefer no typing on that. But I have never read a review on your app in the playstore that says, ‘‘hey memrise, I want to type less on the website’’.

What is going to happen with the audio review I pay for, since your are turning classic review into audio review?

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@MemriseSupport , Please feel free to move my post …

Problem with courses with multiple images in Web Alpha

to this Thread if more appropriate.

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