Launching: Classic Review alpha

Happy February! We’re releasing our revamped Review mode to Alpha with a fresh new design. The mode is a work in progress and updates to it are coming over the next couple of weeks, including:

  • a mini-celebration when there’s a streak of correct answers
  • squishing a minor bug where the same word/phrase is offered multiple times on some tests
  • UI formatting tweaks

Audio prompt - text multiple choice response

Text prompt - audio multiple choice response

Tapping test

Presentation card

This version does not include the lesson timer setting and points rewarded for the speed taken to answer a question. We’re doing some work on points to align them across web and mobile platforms and put them in the right places in our design so they encourage users and make learning as engaging and approachable as possible, without compromising the most effective ways to learn. Speed review mode is always available for testing your quick recall and response skills.

Thanks for trying out new Memrise versions on Alpha. Stay safe, look after yourself and others and enjoy the amazing experience of learning another language. :rocket:


Hi, this new format gives me audio questions, even though I have audio questions turned off in settings.

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Hi @morger. This version in alpha does not have a way to mute or remove audio tests yet. Out of interest, why do you prefer to not have audio tests when using Classic Review?


Where are my results/stats after Classic review?

Hi, two suggestions:

  1. Why can’t I access the mems?
  2. In Chinese, I used to see the details of the character I was tested on (Pinyin, maybe even pronunciation) after I gave my answer, now it’s gone - the only feedback is whether I matched the character with its meaning. In fact incorrect answers provide more feedback, as they take you to the learning page, while the correct ones only display a checkmark and that’s it.

Overall, I like the new design, but it appears the new review style took some important functionality away.


When multiple choice question appear they are sometimes too large to fit on the screen, this means having to switch from keyboard to mouse each time.

And as someone above has added, I want to choose whether or not to receive audio questions

I want to type my answers ffs


If I want audio reviews, I will click on audio review. If I want classic review, I click on classic review. Quit f’king things up.


Biggest problem with audio review is this crap…

Great, I can hear the word. But it does nothing to tell me what it means.

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So can I disable this new version and use the old version? Audio is not useful for me because I am often using memrise in places where I don’t want to use audio, or I prefer to listen to music or something while I do it. Plus the audio side is full of bugs and mistakes.


like shown in Geil’s last post, there are some problematic combinations, where it is unclear what I actually should answer (there are courses, which ask for different things, e.g. meaning and writing in kanji etc.). Furthermore I am not quite sure yet, if it’s really useful to learn kanjis by being prompted with their various readings (only via audio), because you would normally not be asked like that (I suppose - but I might be overlooking something).
But as always, thank you very much for all your effort!

I opted out of the beta and it still forces me to do the new classic review version. For whatever reason, they hate web users, they hate typing, and they hate memes.


I’ve also opted out of beta, but still unable to access mems. Without mems, Memrise has no use whatsoever for me. I will definately not pay any more for memrise, nor advice it to any other people anymore, before they start understanding what MEMrise stands for.

And I also want the possibility to use a keyboard.

I don’t have any new words, just reviewing old items (for whom I want to see the MEMS!

I can’t see any option for classic review, only regular review.


Go to settings, then Learning, and at the bottom opt out of memrise labs. This allowed me to access the old classic review.


That worked! Thanks a million!
Why do they have two places for this setting?
(And why on earth is the new version WITHOUT mems???)


sounds fun!

Wow, thanks so much for the tip! The site is usable for me again!


I second everyone who noted the lack of mems in this new classic review alpha. Without mems, there is not much advantage in using Memrise compared to regular flash card apps. I have made dozens of mems for myself and they have been absolutely essential for my progress.


Hi @Geil. Memrise doesn’t hate anyone or anything. We’re about helping people to learn languages to enrich their minds and so enrich the world.

  • the balance between typing tests and other tests is something being experimented with.
  • Mems are a power user feature. They are really pedagogically useful but they need to be designed right to have the best effect. The current implementation of them has some issues so we aren’t rebuilding them exactly as they currently are.

Hi - can you share what course you were learning? That will help to investigate the issue. Thanks.