Latest version of software

I have worked in systems development for more than 30 years and been a user of Memrise since it’s inception. The last version is so full of bugs - not yet resolved after several weeks, that I do wonder about the levels of quality assurance applied before the software is released. I have experienced very few problems before this. What is happening? If I were a new user now, I wouldn’t continue with the product. It’s a shame what has happened.

Unfortunately, I am also having issues. I have not been able to add courses by adding them on the desktop website. I even tried setting goals and completing lessons on them with no luck still. Is there a work around for this? The app is so buggy that I am scared to uninstall it because I don’t know if it will show all of my current courses after the reinstall.

I’m also having problems. Courses don’t load, pictures don’t load, audio doesn’t load. I try Settings/Apps/Memrise/“Force Stop” and /Storage/“Clear cache”. Sometimes that works, but usually I have to reboot my phone. This has been going on for weeks.

I used to love this app and recommended it highly. Until the issue are resolved, I can’t recommend it.

Simplify, simplify, simplify! There is a difference between “features” and “benefits”.

The most worrying aspect of this all is not that the company has been negligent in putting out software that palpably hasn’t been properly tested but that it hasn’t been fixed in many weeks. It’s almost self-sabotage by the company and will struggle if this is the way things are going. I am on the point of discontinuing the use of this now, flawed product. Senior Management please take a grip before you are out is business.