Latest update is extremely bad for IME users

The latest update to the website makes it so that after you finishing typing, the moment you press enter, it’ll think that’s your answer immediately(previously you press enter to select the word you’re trying to type from the IME and remove the IME overlay, then enter again to tell memrise that this is your answer, or it would just be the default correct answer and auto accept. Now it does both instantly with a single enter press. You cannot just simply type up the word and have it auto accept when it’s correct. That does not happen through an IME). This essentially removes the auto accept feature for IME users, which is bad when you know a LOT of words, and there’s many different translations for the same word. With auto accept, you can just cycle through words until you get the translation that specific course wants. Without auto accept, you’re going to get words “wrong” when you know the answer, but just don’t remember which particular translation that course wants. I’m also learnoing Japanese, and sometimes i’ll just type the answer in hiragana when it’s asking for kanji answer and vice versa. Previously this wasn’t a problem, but with auto accept essentially being removed for IME users, it’s going to say i’m wrong now when i’m really not.

Alright so I figured out a work-around. In the IME settings, remap the keys. Change the commit command in composition and conversion from main enter to numberpad enter. If you want it to use your main enter key, download sharpkeys and just remap and switch the enter keys. Now you can use enter again and have the auto accept feature back.

Thank you for providing helpful advice to fellow users, but we have fixed the underlying issue now so the original behaviour is restored.